Remote Controls, Inc.

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Specialty Coatings and Products Offered

Remote Controls, Inc provides our customers with a variety of specialty spray coatings to meet your needs and specifications. Surface Preparation options include Anodize, Alodine, Phosphate, Passivation and Abrasive Blasting. Specialty Coatings are most commonly applied via Spray. RCI has a variety of Curing and Bake ovens to produce the Cure cycles specified for each product.

Spray Coatings

Our Dry Film and Paint Spray options include:

• Dry Film Lubes
• Teflon Coatings
• Thermoset PTFE
• Conventional and Epoxy Paints

Specialty Products

Remote Controls, Inc produces a number of Valves, Flow Control Devices, and Specialty Items geared to a variety of commercial and military applications.

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