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Put Your Coatings to the Test

Remote Controls Laboratory is a division of Remote Controls, Inc and is NADCAP and ISO9001 certified. 

In addition to performing the Process Verification and Product Validation for coatings produced here at Remote Controls, we also provide Validation Testing for other Metal Finishing Facilities.

RCI LABS can provide Certified Testing to verify that your coatings conform to specification requirements. We can also provide your company with the test panels and offer our customers multi-test discounts.

Our testing services include:

Lab Equipment
Test Process Reference Specifications
Corrosion Resistance (Salt Spray) ASTM B-117
Coating Weight ASTM B-137
Tabor Abrasion ASTM D-4060
Adhesion (Wet tape) FED-STD-141D, Method 6301.3
Electrical Resistance MIL-DTL-81706

Specifications & Certifications

Salt Spray (336 hour), Coating Weight, Tabor Abrasion, Wet Tape/Adhesion

Salt Spray (168 hour), Wet Tape/Adhesion

Electrical Resistance

ASTM 610/TT-C-490
Rust of Painted Surface/Salt Spray (500 hour)